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Imbibe Technologies is an Independent Software Solutions Vendor, committed to provide cutting-edge Software Solutions to deliver the highest standards of client satisfaction.

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Imbibe is always looking for dynamic professionals to join its team, if you do not see an opening matching your skill set but want to join our team, feel free to contact us directly.

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For Careers related communication, please send a mail to [email protected]. For all other communication, please contact us by visiting the page below.

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Taking Online Test


a. Go to careers.imbibe.in page.

b. Browse to the User login section in the left pane.

c. E-mail: Enter your email address that you registered with Imbibe.

d. Password: Enter the password that you set while activating your account. The password is case-sensitive. Make sure you enter the correct password.

e. Click Login.

Note: If you have forgotten your password, click Request new password.


a. In the Navigation pane, click Take Test.

b. For general aptitude, click Take Analytical Test.

c. For technical test, click Take Technical Test.

d. You are now assigned with your available analytical/technical test along with the following set of details:


Total number of questions to attempt

Pass rate

Minimum score required to pass the test

Time limit

Time allotted to complete the test

Backwards navigation

You can always move back in case you have skipped a question or you want to correct an answer


a. To start the test, click either on the Take tab, or the Start Test button.

b. Attempt the question and click Next.

c. If you are not sure of an answer, you can skip that question by clicking the Leave Blank option.

d. To move ahead to the next question, it is mandatory to either provide an answer, or leave the question blank.

e. You are allowed to attempt the questions that you have skipped by clicking the Show only the skipped questions link in the left panel.

f. You are allowed to go back and change your answer by clicking the Back button.

g. If at any point of time, you wish to jump to other available questions, you can use the Question drop down menu.

h. The remaining time is always visible with each question.

Step 4: FINISH

Once you have completed your test, make sure that you click Finish in order to submit your answers to the portal. You will be asked for a confirmation to finish the test. Click Ok.

Note: It is mandatory to click the Finish button after completion of the test. Otherwise, we will not be able to evaluate your test. You can click the Finish button even if you have not answered all questions.

Step 5: LOG OUT

After duly submitting your test, click Log out in the left panel.

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